Chinese Linglong security in Serbia preventing Dutch journalists from filming


The security of the Chinese car tire factory Linglong near Serbia's northern town of Zrenjanin tried to stop the team of Dutch journalists of NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting) from recording an activist's statement outside the factory's construction site on Tuesday.

The security members first tried to convince the journalists that they had no right to film there. After being told it was a public space, the security members jumped between the camera, the journalist and ‘Civil Upheaval’ activist Ivan Zivkov.

At one point, they pushed the cameraman and the journalists, who then threatened to call the police.

The security shouted in Chinese and English, got in the face of the journalists, cameraman and Zivkov, and then photographed their vehicles and license plates on a public road, about a hundred meters away from the Linglong construction site.

The crew shot the statement in the fifth attempt.

The organisation condemned „the arrogant behaviour of the Linglong security as a threat to its activists and all citizens.

„Today’s incident shows that the Linglong is allowed to regulate our streets besides all other privileges it has received in Serbia,“ it said.