Chinese Zijin sells two tonnes of gold to Serbia’s National Bank


The Chinese ‘Srbija Zijin Cooper’ company said on Friday that in 2020, it earned 698 million Dollars by selling its products on the domestic and foreign markets, and sold more than two tonnes of gold to the National Bank of Serbia (NBS), the state RTS TV reported.

The largest foreign buyers included China, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia and Italy.

Last year, the company earned an additional 245.7 million Dollars by selling other goods – gold, silver, platinum, palladium, selenium and copper sulfate.

In the same period, 15.4 tonnes of silver were exported to China for ten million Dollars. At the same time, 11 kilograms of platinum and almost one hundred kilograms of palladium were sold in Switzerland, with a total value of about seven million Dollars.

Almost a thousand tonnes of copper sulfate, worth 1.7 million Dollars, were sold on the domestic market in 2020 and exported to Hungary, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Bulgaria.

In January 2021, the company sold good worth 65.6 million Dollars.