Civil sector notes elections in Serbia have become a memory of democracy

NEWS 13.04.202413:56 0 komentara

The idea of elections in Serbia is meaningless and the only reason for going to the polls is to preserve the memory that we once had a democracy, said Zoran Gavrilovic from the civil society organization Bureau for Social Research (BIRODI).

Gavrilovic told TV N1 that BIRODI is not part of the negotiations on election conditions because the government cannot control their media monitoring, which shows that media laws are systematically violated.

„A serious campaign is being waged against us because the government cannot control our media monitoring,“ he pointed out.

He noted that this is discrimination and that they addressed the European Commission, ODIHR and the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption.

The opposition in Serbia has announced that it will boycott the elections in Belgrade scheduled for June 2, because the recommendations given to the Serbian authorities by the ODIHR have not been implemented.

On Friday, opposition parties and representatives of civil society submitted to the Speaker of the Assembly, Ana Brnabic, their proposals for improving the electoral conditions in Serbia.

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