Commissioner to file charges over Danas story


Serbia’s personal data protection Commissioner Milan Marinovic said on Thursday that he would be filing criminal charges against unidentified persons who illegally acquired following a story in Belgrade daily Danas which identified the neighborhood where President Aleksandar Vucic lives.

The Danas story said that the Vucic family lives in the Belvil neighborhood of New Belgrade, drawing fierce reactions from Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin and outgoing Prime Minister Ana Brnabic. The story did not include the address of the Vucic family residence.

The commissioner’s press release said that he will use his powers to file charges for “unauthorized gathering of personal data”. Marinovic warned the media to “respect citizens’ personal data” and determine if their publication is in the public interest.

Former Commissioner Rodoljub Sabic warned earlier that Vucic’s personal data was accessible on the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) portal. An N1 search of the portal revealed a copy of at least one document which includes Vucic’s personal ID number (JMBG).