Conservative parties criticize Serbia’s vote in UN

NEWS 07.04.2022 22:19
REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Two conservative nationalist parties sharply criticized the Serbian authorities for voting to suspend Russia’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council on Thursday.

The Dveri movement warned that Serbia could be viewed by Moscow as an enemy of Russia following the vote while the Oathkeepers said the decision to vote yes in that UN body was scandalous.

Dveri said in a statement that the Serbian authorities sided with NATO, adding that President Aleksandar Vucic rushed to “fulfill his promises to his Western mentors and cause embarrassment for Serbia with unforeseeable security, economic and historic consequences”. The party accused Vucic of betraying Russia and warned that “there is no longer any obstacle for the final betrayal of Kosovo”. “A betrayal of the will of the people in Serbia is also being prepared with anti-Russian and anti-Serb forces,” it said.

The Oathkeepers said that the vote in the UN takes Serbia to a confrontation with a country which is its strategic ally in the defense of its territorial integrity in Kosovo. “Steps like this confirm that the policy of military and political neutrality advocated in public by the ruling coalition is just words on paper because the vote against our greatest ally Russia is proof that the state leadership is implementing a policy of indirect integration into NATO,” a statement said.