Consular Section of Russian Embassy in Montenegro suspends work

NEWS 29.09.202223:00

The Russian Embassy in Montenegro said that, “due to the hostile actions of the Montenegrin authorities,” it is suspending the work of its consular section as of September 30.

Due to the hostile actions of the Montenegrin authorities against the Russian Embassy in Montenegro, the work of the consular section of the Embassy is suspended as of September 30, 2022 for an indefinite period of time, the Embassy wrote on its official Facebook page.

For consular services, Russian citizens in Montenegro are advised to contact the Embassies of the Russian Federation in neighboring countries.

The Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared Thursday six diplomats of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Montenegro as personae non gratae.

The Ministry said the decision was made “due to activities that are contrary to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and relations of mutual appreciation and respect between the two countries.”

Twelve Russian diplomats have been expelled from Montenegro over the past seven months.

The expulsion of Russian diplomats followed the launching of an investigation on Thursday, on the orders of the Special State Prosecutor, against a group of Montenegrin and Russian citizens suspected of espionage.