Croatian Serb leader talks Vucic’s proposal, Vukovar commemoration

NEWS 17.09.202113:02

Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) leader Milorad Pupovac said on Thursday that he did not interpret Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic's call on Croatian Serbs to display Serbia's flag as an act of provocation, adding that Croatian Serbs consider this case closed already on Wednesday, state agency Hina said.

“I look at that case as something that happens in Serbia. We consider it closed yesterday. Our duty is to care about the status of the Serbs in Croatia and about good inter-ethnic relations in Croatia,” Pupovac told the Nova TV on Thursday evening, when he was asked whether he experienced Vucic’s call as provocation directed against him.

For us it was important to make it clear in which circumstances individuals in Croatia and individuals in Serbia could display flags of other countries. It is important for us that the Serbs in Croatia can be sure that they can display their ethnic flag on holidays concerning their institutions or on important holidays on official events, Pupovac said.

Vucic recently called on all Serbs to display the Serbian flag on Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag Day, which is observed on 15 September. Pupovac said last Friday it was imperative that Serbs in Croatia respected Croatian law, which prohibits individuals from showing other states’ flags.

Asked by Nova TV on Thursday whether he would visit Vukovar for the forthcoming commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the fall of that eastern Croatian city into the hands of Serb rebels and Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA), Pupovac said that he would definitely go to Vukovar then.

He said that the talks would now be held on whether he would visit Vukovar the day before the memorial day or whether he would also be a part of the state’s delegation on Vukovar Remembrance Day (18 November).

“I want the divisions concerning the remembrance in Vukovar and other towns to stop. All of us should give their contribution. We are making that contribution. I find that it is essential that all give their contribution,” Pupovac said.