Dacic calls on organizers to cancel Mirëdita festival


Serbian Internal Affairs Minister Ivica Dacic called on the organizers of the “Mirëdita, dobar dan” festival to cancel the event.

The minister told the pro-regime Pink TV that he consulted with people in his Ministry who are in charge of public gatherings and explained that the police have jurisdiction over outdoor events, but that no permits are issued for indoor gatherings.

“We’ll see what’ll happen. I said that this is a high-risk gathering. It’s not a public space. Our state bodies are not involved. We appeal for the event to be canceled. As for what actions the state will take, I cannot say at this time,” said Dacic.

He added that the “Mirëdita, dobar dan” has been held for several years, but that he believes now is not the time for it.

Dacic said he wished relations between Belgrade and Pristina were such that this could be discussed.

By bringing together artists, human rights and peace activists, and opinion makers from Kosovo and Serbia, the “Mirëdita, dobar dan!” festival enriches regional perspectives and fosters cooperation and peacebuilding, reads the information on the festival website, adding that the main aim of the festival is to present the cultural scene of Kosovo to Serbia and vice versa, and through the meeting of Kosovo and Serbia’s cultural society representatives, achieve an exchange of artistic ideas and create a tradition of collaboration.