Dacic defends Brussels Agreement: It was the maximum Belgrade could achieve

NEWS 28.01.2023 13:23
Tanjug/Zoran Žestić (arhiva)

Serbia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Ivica Dacic, said that the Brussels Agreement contains the establishment of the Community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo and that it represents the pinnacle of Belgrade's achievements in the EU-mediated dialogue.

„We signed the Brussels Agreement because it is good for our community in Kosmet (Kosovo and Metohija). It is not ideal, but in the conditions in which we negotiated, that is the maximum we could achieve. These are agreements that put all the power of governance in the hands of our population – in the economy, development, education, health, to security and the police,“ Dacic told the newspaper Politika.

„There has never been a reason not to implement the agreement, except for Pristina’s persistent refusal to implement it and the unlimited tolerance of Western mediators towards their destructive behaviour,“ said Dacic.


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