Dacic: Inter-party dialogue in Serbia to continue after Christmas

NEWS 27.12.202015:48 0 komentara

The inter-party dialogue on talks with the EU will continue after Christmas, Serbian Assembly Speaker Ivica Dacic said Sunday.

Speaking to Prva TV he said they will consult European officials and that he already spoke with David McAllister, the head of EU’s Committee on Foreign Affairs because we must agree on who will participate in the dialogue considering that many opposition parties aren’t in the parliament anymore.

„I hope people don’t think that only Djilas or Bosko Obradovic should participate in the dialogue, probably everyone thinks of himself, but we have to know the topics and who will be the negotiator in front of the EP, because these two are no longer Serbian MPs,“ Dacic said.

He assessed that it is unfair that Serbia has not opened a single EU accession chapter this year, but that he seriously accepts the talk and his part of the job.

Dacic said that the parliament has corrected most of the objections from the European Commission report, that the Code of Conduct has been adopted, there are public hearings on laws, and there is no urgent procedure when it comes to passing laws.