Dacic: Only votes for and against are counted when adopting the resolution on Srebrenica

Tanjug/Vlada Republike Srbije/Slobodan Miljević

Interior Minister Ivica Dacic stated today for TV Prva that it is far from the truth that the proposers of the resolution on Srebrenica in the United Nations General Assembly have a two-thirds majority, but it should be noted that only votes for and against are counted when adopting it, not abstentions. Pročitaj više

Dacic emphasized that Serbia’s goal was to remove this topic from the agenda since the issue is illegal and unlawful on two grounds – there was no consensus of the Presidency of BiH on it, and the issue cannot be on the agenda of the UN General Assembly if it is a matter in the UN Security Council.

According to Dacic’s assessment, it is difficult to say whether the counting of votes for and against should be approached based on the bilateral relations we have with some countries, or in the shadow of pressures those countries are exposed to.

Under the guise of fighting genocide, one topic is politicized, added Dacic, pointing out that the fight for and against this resolution „is not fought with gloves on but rather a ruthless struggle that is far from regulations, rules.“

Dacic stated that even President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic has been involved in this fight since day one and warned that the resolution violates international law and opens a Pandora’s box for „everyone to propose their genocide.“

Asked about the situation in Serbia following the assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, Dacic said that the security situation in Serbia is stable.

Dacic emphasized that due to all the challenges and threats, the issue of providing security for the highest state officials is taken very seriously, and no one can hide behind false names when threatening.

Vucic is the most exposed to threats, and we do not dismiss any of them as false or unserious, Dacic stated.

Speaking about local elections, Dacic, as the leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia, said that there are many parties, but Serbia is one, and that is why everyone is on the same list with the Serbian Progressive Party.

The opposition rejoices that Serbia is in a difficult situation. It is a great tragedy for our people that we have an irresponsible opposition, Dacic said, emphasizing that when journalists ask them about Srebrenica, they respond about sewage.

Dacic called on all supporters of the SPS to come out and support the list led by Vucic in the elections.

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