Dacic: Sanctions against Russia possible if economy, citizens start suffering


Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said Sunday that Serbia has left open the possibility that the decision to impose sanctions on Russia due to their attack on Ukraine will be changed if the Serbian economy and citizens begin to suffer irreparable damage.

„Since the decision (of the National Security Council) is still in force, it means that we don’t have that case yet,“ Dacic told Kurir, adding that it is in Serbia’s interest not to impose sanctions on Russia, but to monitor how that decision is reflected on the Serbian economy.

According to him, apart from the pressure on Serbia due to the non-introduction of sanctions, the foreign trade exchange between the two countries has also decreased, while „in some Western countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia, it has increased.“

Commenting on the statements of Economy Minister Rade Basta, a member of the United Serbia party, which is in coalition with Dacic’s Socialist Party of Serbia, that Serbia should introduce sanctions against Russia, Dacic reiterated that his party and all their government members stand behind the decision of the Council for National Security and State Policy.

„As long as our decision and our policy regarding sanctions is in force, we will consistently respect it,“ he said.

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