Dacic: Video of Kosovo Serb politician fake

NEWS 27.09.202310:51

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said the Kosovo Police video allegedly showing Serb List official Milan Radoicic in uniform at the Banjska monastery is a fake.

Kosovo Internal Affairs MInister Xhelal Svecla released a police drone video of uniformed, armed men in the grounds of the Banjska monastery, claiming that one of them was Serb List deputy leader Radoicic.

“We aren’t justifying any violence, we regret the killing of the police officer, loss of Serb lives, the incident which is not in Serbia’s interest, Dacic said speaking live on the Serbian state TV (RTS).

He echoed the words of President Aleksandar Vucic who blamed Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti for the armed incident at the Banjska monastery.

Dacic said that the authorities in Pristina and the Serbian opposition are blaming Vucic. “There are attempts to prove tht Radoicic or (Kosovo Serb businessman and alleged criminal) Zvonko Veselinovic conducted those activities. They would like to have seen (Serbian military chief of staff General Milan) Mojsilovic because they need a link to Belgrade… They are saying that Vucic organized this and that we have renounced and transferred everything to Kosovo,” Dacic said.

“Wanting to prove that Serbs are terrorists at the expense of our state is miserable,” he said.