Danas daily correspondent threatened over Ukrainian interview


A local correspondent for Belgrade daily Danas received threats over an interview with a refugee from Ukraine.

Danas online editor Vukasin Obradovic said that the daily’s correspondent from the eastern Serbian town of Zajecar Miljko Stojanovic has been threatened after the interview. “Most of the threats are about the young man from Ukraine and what is happening in that country which has been portrayed on social media as a fascist state and the young man is accused of supporting the secession of Kosovo and being against Orthodox Christianity,” Obradovic told N1.

He said the threats were reported to the police who reacted quickly and found the person behind the social media profile the threats were made on. “That young man was arrested and the prosecution issued a restraining order banning him from approachin Stojanovic and the Ukrainian,” he said. Obradovic said the threats were the result the lack of a defined state stand on events in Ukraine.