Darko Saric and others ordered into custody

NEWS 16.04.2022 14:09
Darko Šarić

A Belgrade High Court judge ordered the detention of Darko Saric, lawyer Dejan Lazarevic and three other detainees for up to 30 days, due to the possibility of escape.

On April 16, 2022, after hearing the suspects D.S., D.L., D.O., D.M., U.R., the judge decided to impose 30-day custody due to circumstances indicating that the defendants, each individually, would be able to escape and become inaccessible to the judicial authorities by remaining at large, the High Court announced.

As stated, Sarici has the right to appeal against the said decision within three days.

Darko Saric, who was arrested in a large international operation two days ago, denied last night at the hearing in the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime the commission of all new criminal acts he is suspected of.


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