Day of the City of Sarajevo marked in Bosnia’s capital

NEWS 06.04.2022 13:33
Source: F.Z./N1

Numerous officials laid wreaths on Wednesday at the Eternal Flame in Sarajevo’s centre – a memorial to victims of WWII in Sarajevo, to mark April 6, the Day of the City of Sarajevo.

Among those who gathered in Sarajevo’s centre were the Croat member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, Zeljko Komsic, the Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Edin Forto, and the Mayor, Benjamina Karic.

Komsic, who was born in Sarajevo, said he is proud of the city, which “never surrenders.”

“Sarajevo is a place that is open to everyone. Fascists and nationalists do not like Sarajevo, but all people with good intentions, they love Sarajevo,” he said.

“And when you think that everything has failed and fallen, Sarajevo rose up, that is why those who hate people on any basis hate it as well,” Komsic said of his home city.

Sarajevo Canton PM, Edin Forto, said that April 6 should also serve as a reminder that “fascism never sleeps.”

“Because what we are experiencing today, since the nineties, and what we see all over Europe, is that if we relax, evil will not stop, that is why peace is not only built but must also be protected,” he said.

According to Mayor, Benjamina Karic, April 6 is also a day when courage is celebrated.

“Today we celebrate our city, our beauty, and most importantly today we celebrate the courage of our people,” she said.

April 6 is the most important date in the history of Bosnia’s capital, as on that day, in 1945, Sarajevo was liberated from the Nazi occupation.

But on the same day in 1992, the city was under attack again and needed to be liberated one more time. The longest siege of a capital in modern history started on April 5, 1992, and lasted until February 29, 1996. It took the lives of 11,541 of its residents, including 1,601 children.


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