Def Min: Serbia will resist crime, punish officials who cooperate with criminals

Tanjug/Zoran Žstić

Serbia will decisively show it knows how to resist every type of crime and sanction those from the authorities who cooperate with criminals and share information with them, Nebojsa Stefanovic, current Defence and former Interior Minister has said on Monday.

After the National Security Council session, following the arrest of dozens of members of a major crime organisation last week, Stefanovic added the agenda included the situation in Kosovo, fight against organised crime, and Serbia’s security system needs.

President Aleksandar Vucic headed the meeting.

According to Stefanovic, Belgrade „continues to fight against organised crime and defy the organised crime groups.“

„We’ve analysed all the links the organised crime groups had with some members of the state institutions which the state will sanction. The last operation you have seen will continue, not only against that crime group but against others operating in Serbia,“ Stefanovic said.

He added the need to empower the state institutions to better conduct that fight and secure safety for the people.

As far as the situation in Kosovo is concerned, Stefanovic has said it was „complex both politically and security-wise,“ and that the state measures for the safety of the Serbs there had also been discussed.

„We want to protect the Serb population there and analyse all challenges in the situation that is becoming more complex… We’ll continue to protect stability and safety of the Serbs population in cooperation with KFOR, thus showing we are serious and responsible partners and send a clear message we won’t allow any pogrom,“ Stefanovic said.

Kosovo voters go to the polls on February 14 for early elections following the current government was ousted.