Defendant lawyer files charges against N1’s reporter Jelena Zoric

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Jelena Zorić

Svetislav Bojic, the lawyer of Predrag Koluvija accused of growing marijuana and skank, filed a criminal report against N1’s reporter Jelena Zoric for an allegedly false statement about threats made by his client which he passed on her.

N1 had earlier filed a disciplinary report against Bojic for the threats he passed on to Zoric
Bojic said, as N1 had learned, he reported Zoric “did not know she was endangering until Veran Matic (the head of the Group for Protecting Journalists) told her she was.”

Matic told N1 that Bojic’s description “about the allegedly endangering journalist’s safety,” showed her essential misunderstanding of the journalist’s safety concept, adding that was an attempt to discredit Jelena Zoric.

“Zoric doesn’t need advice; she is an experienced reporter. Bojic made me great pleasure with the report since I’ll join Zoric in defending against charges of false statement. Especially because Bojic showed that what had happened outside the courtroom was neither accidentally nor naively,” Matic said.

Zoric’s lawyer Dragoljub Djordjevic, said he did not understand what his colleague was talking about regarding false statement about threats.

“I don’t see what false reporting could there be and I don’t believe there will be any verdict against Jelena Zoric,” Djordjevic said.


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