Director: ‘Quo Vadis, Aida?’ was made to make us understand each other better

NEWS 15.03.2021 22:45

This is more than a film, this is a reminder that genocide, the one in Srebrenica and all other places in the region from the past, must not be denied and forgotten, Bosnian filmmaker Jasmila Zbanic said on Monday in the first statement after the announcement that her 'Quo Vadis, Aida?' film was officially nominated for the Academy Awards.

“This film was not made to divide people or to put them into a conflict, on contrary – it is to make us understand each other better,” said Zbanic.

She thanked all the members of the Academy Awards on behalf of the film crew for nominating ‘Quo Vadis, Aida?’ for the Best International Feature Film alongside four other candidates.

She also conveyed gratitude to “mothers, women and other survivors of Srebrenica who gave us support, incentive and inspiration, and many other friends who supported us.”

‘Quo Vadis, Aida?’ was officially nominated for the Oscar on Monday, becoming the second Bosnian film to compete for this prestigious award.

Bosnian filmmaker Danis Tanovic won the only Oscar in 2002 for his ‘No Man’s Land’ film.