Djilas: Neutrality on Russia’s aggression no longer exists

NEWS 05.10.202210:19
Dragan Đilas
Tanjug / Jadranka Ilić

Leader of the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) Dragan Djilas said that neutrality regarding Russia’s aggression on Ukraine “no longer exists” and that, at this time, political neutrality is viewed as “siding with the other side.”

Commenting the European Union’s (EU) and America’s request for Serbia to impose sanctions on Russia, Djilas told the Serbia state TV (RTS) that “46 out of 50 countries in Europe have imposed sanctions on Russia” and that Serbia is “an island” because if failed to do so.

He said that Russia’s position, its calling for the annexation of parts of Ukraine citing the example of Kosovo, is “very dangerous”.

“Ninety percent of investments come from the West, mainly from Germany, and they are the most aggressive in demanding sanctions against Russia,” said Djilas, adding that there is a danger that companies will pull out and that there will most certainly be a drop in investments.

“The Russian Federation has six times more investments in Croatia than in Serbia,” said Djilas.

“The policy of cooperating with everyone is not possible. We have to do everything possible to increase investments. Our relations at this time go in the direction of Europe, we are part of Europe and that is where we belong,” said Djilas.