Djilas: The party’s mission – Serbia’s membership in the EU

NEWS 25.03.202318:51 0 komentara
dragan đilas

The leader of the Serbian opposition Freedom and Justice Party, Dragan Djilas, stated that the goal and mission of that party is Serbia's membership in the European Union by 2030.

It is not a battle to enter that community, it is a fight for democracy because there is no place for authoritarianism in the EU. Membership in the EU is an obligation towards future generations, said Djilas at the party’s Main Board session in Belgrade.

This nation is constantly being asked to endure something, and for decades political mistakes and government failures have been explained by the consequences of world conspiracies, not by bad government, he noted.

For a bad government, only a people who suffer is good, a people who hope that someday they will be well, because hope is the only thing such a government can offer in the absence of a system, Djilas added, who is convinced that citizens can live much better.

Some solutions, Djilas stated, were given to us by Zoran Djindjic – namely that the EU is not perfect, but it is the best we have and that membership in the Union must not be a Serbian society’s pipe dream, but a reality and the only guarantee that one can live normally.

Koje je tvoje mišljenje o ovome?

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