Djilas won’t call for boycott, blames ambassadors for opposition rift

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Serbian opposition politician Dragan Djilas said on Friday that he would not call for a boycott of the local elections in June even though his Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) has decided not to field candidates. Pročitaj više

Djilas told the Nova daily newspaper that the Serbian regime cannot be defeated at elections unless the conditions change and accused “ambassadors who support the authorities” of exerting pressure to get people and parties to stand in the elections. “The pressure exerted by certain ambassadors who support the Vucic regime showed clearly that elections without the opposition would be a huge problem for Vucic and the international community,” Djilas said.

The SSP leader said he would not call for a boycott of the elections. “I believe that every person who wants us to beat this evil will decide on their own what is best to meet that goal – turning out for the irregular, fraudulent elections or not turning out to continue the fight to change election conditions,” he said.

He blamed other members of Serbia Against Violence (SPN) for the breakup of that opposition coalition, saying that it would still be in place if others stuck by their promises. He said that some of the SPN members decided that the promises they made to the public and signed did not matter. “If we remained united I am sure that we would get local elections in the autumn in different conditions and early parliamentary elections soon afterwards,” he said.

Djilas said that the decision to expell Pavle Grbovic and his Movement of Free Citizens (PSG) from the SSP caucus in parliament was taken because of the election of Predrag Miletic (a former advisor to Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti and former member of Aleksandar Sapic’s organization) to the post of PSG executive committee chairman adding that Miletic was not acceptable for their cooperation.

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