Djukanovic: Montenegro in favor of European political community

NEWS 23.06.202217:29
REUTERS/Yves Herman

Montenegro is interested in membership in the European Union, not in an alternative to membership, and it will support everything, including a European political community, if it is yet another form that could accelerate the EU accession process, Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic said Thursday, Fonet reported.

Speaking after the EU – Western Balkans Summit in Brussels, Djukanovic said that, for now, there is no readiness to discuss dates of accession but there is willingness to work on improving the atmosphere, primarily on eliminating obstacles, the most obvious of which is the case of Bulgaria’s attitude towards North Macedonia, the Pobjeda portal said.

This is at the level of individuals thinking out loud. I cannot say it is a policy of the EU, there is no mention of any dates but of the creation of an atmosphere to speed up the process. There is consensus on this, Fonet quoted Djukanovic as saying.