Doctor warns situation in Serbia hasn’t improved enough

NEWS 08.01.202110:23

Imunologist Dr Srdja Jankovic told the state TV (RTS) on Friday that the situation in Serbia has not improved enough to be able to say that the epidemic is easing off.

The pandemic Crisis Staff member said that the coronavirus vaccine will help but warned that the most important thing is to implement the anti-pandemic measures. He said that any registered vaccine is efficient and can be used for inoculation. “There are two coronavirus vaccines available in Serbia at present – Pfizer and Sputnik V – and the public can choose which one to take,” he said adding that the two doses have to be administered three weeks apart so that the body can accept the antigen.

The doctor did not want to speculate on the number of people who need to be inoculated to achieve collective immunity. “Collective immunity depends on how many people are immune after having contracted the disease. We still don’t know how long natural immunity lasts. The approximate figure for collective immunity is 20 percent but that is just a guideline figure, the minimum we have to reach this year,” Jankovic said.

He said that people who recovered from COVID-19 should get the vaccine because there is a chance they could contract the infection again.