Bombing, shooting in Downtown Belgrade


A bombing and shooting were reported as two separate incidents in two central neighborhoods of the Serbian capital on Thursday morning.

The first incident took place in the Dorcol neighborhood in downtown at 5:00 am when an explosive device was lobbed at a cafe shattering its windows and damaging cars parked on Dobracina street. The police confirmed the bombing for the state TV (RTS) and the portal said that the bombing of the D59B cafe was the second in that street in the past few months. The Holesterol restaurant in Dobracina street was bombed in October 2020. There have been no reports on the possible motives of the bombings or if the two attacks are connected in any way.

Later that morning, one person was wounded by gunfire in central Belgrade’s Resavska street. An unidentified gunman fired five shots wounding a man witnesses says was a security guard in front of the offices of a local lawyer identified only by the initials MV. The lawyer was assaulted in front of his offices last year and posters with offensive statements about him were put up near the offices several months ago.