Dveri leader Obradovic running for Serbian president

NEWS 27.01.2022 17:30

The Dveri Movement said on Thursday that its leader Bosko Obradovic would run for president of Serbia at the elections in April.

A press release said that the movement will campaign under the slogan Heart for Serbia. It quoted Obradovic as saying at a meeting in Belgrade that “Serbia is obviously not in good shape” with a government that “is not guided by a love of its homeland”. “If they loved Serbia they would not be bargaining over Kosovo, they would not be robbing farmers and entrepreneurs, would not humiliate Serbian families, would not sell Serbian land, water and air,” Obradovic said.

He said that the authorities suffered two big blows over the past month – the departure of Rio Tinto and the outcome of the referendum on constitutional amendments. He said the “third and most important blow” will come at the April elections.

The Dveri Movement will run in the parliamentary elections as part of the Patritic Block.