Dveri leader sees Family March as start of opposition national front

NEWS 05.05.202117:15

The leader of the conservative Dveri movement said on Wednesday that the Family March gathering on May 15 should mark the launch of a national front as a separate opposition group advocating what he called the most important values of Serbian patriots.

“Family is one of the topics bringing us all together and we can set up a much wider form of cooperation and common struggle on the political and social scene – from keeping Kosovo as part of Serbia, to economic patriotism and protecting the local economy and agriculture to putting family first,” he told a news conference.

Obradovic said that the Family march in front of the Serbian parliament has the support of several other organizations, adding that he expects more to lend their support. He said that the gathering is intended to be a show of support for young couples, families with children, single parents and elderly housholds.

He said that the organizations supporting the gathering are opposed to the laws on same-sex families, gender equality and banning discrimination. “We believe all three laws are unconstitutional, un-Christian and anti-family,” Obradovic said.