EC on Serbia’s elections: We trust they will be fair and inclusive


Ana Pisonero, a European Commission (EC) spokesperson, told a news conference on Friday the EC believed the forthcoming elections in Serbia would be “free and fair and inclusive.”

She recalled that the European Parliament (EP) members were in Belgrade for the last part of the inter-party dialogue on election conditions, adding that the EC supported their work in trying to “increase the confidence in terms of the next elections.”

“Of course, it is important for Serbia to implement the OSCE and ODIHR recommendations,” Pisonero said.

Pushed by a journalist to comment on the media situation in Serbia “overwhelmingly partial”, as the reporter put it, Pisonero said the media pluralism was fundamental to a democratic country and the vital issue for citizens to be well informed.

“It is the area where a lot has to be done throughout the Western Balkans,| she added.



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