Ecological Uprising MP: Next Serbia Against Violence protest on June 10

AP Photo/Marko Drobnjakovic

The next Serbia Against Violence protest will be held on Saturday, June 10, said Ecological Uprising MP Danijela Nestorovic.

Nestorovic, who is a lawyer by profession, told the N1 show News Night that the opposition parties that are the organizers of this protest will most probably issue a statement on the protest on Wednesday.

“They will most probably address the issue of some institutions. Since the President has called for dialogue, at the previous protests he had the opportunity to address the citizens and hear what they want from him. Of course, he did not seize this opportunity,” said Nestorovic.

“These are civic protests of people who are angry because no institution in the country is functioning,” she said, adding that people are not brought by busses to attend the Serbia Against Violence protests.

This will be sixth Serbia Against Violence protest since the two mass murders that took place in Serbia over two months ago.