Electronic media watchdog says pro-regime TV Pink breaks law

REM, Regulatorno telo za elektronske medije

Serbia’s electronic media watchdog initiated proceedings against the pro-regime TV Pink for airing a sexually explicit video in its morning show on Friday.

The Council of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) said that the broadcasting of the video was in violation of the law on electronic media. The video of opposition MP Djordje Miketic and his wife that TV Pink aired has been posted on social media. Miketic said that it was on a computer stolen from his home a year ago and added that it was used to intimidate him and other opponents of the Serbian regime.

The faces and parts of the bodies on the video were blurred but the REM Council said that this was not important because the anchors said clearly that it was Miketic. A press release said that the show was clearly political and pre-election while the sex act on the video was completely private and can’t be linked to political information and TV Pink was in violation of the regulations protecting human rights in the media.

The REM Council said it would decide on possible measures against TV Pink at its next meeting.

The REM Council is supposed to be independent but regime opponents and independent media have claimed that it is under the control of the authorities.