Environmental organization says it will continue road blocks

NEWS 20.01.2022 14:56

The Alliance of Ecological Organizations of Serbia (SEOS) said on Thursday that it will continue the road block protests until the Serbian government breaks off all contracts with Rio Tinto and other companies who want to mine lithium and other minerals.

A press release said that the government should also revoke the spatial plan for Rio Tinto’s Jadar project. SEOS said that it will not accept a moratorium for one or 20 years. It recalled it has not received a reply from the government to its demand to revoke the decree which introduced the Jarad project spatial plan. “The government is promising every day that it will do something soon but the soon hasn’t come yet. The idea of a moratorium on lithium and borite mining has been introduced over the past few days,” it said.

SEOS warned that the Serbian government will agree to a one year moratorium, adding that this is clear from the Rio Sava Exploration press release on Wednesday which said that company was moving the start of mining from 2026 to 2027.

“Our stand is clear: we will set up road blocks until our demands are met,” the press release said.