EP draft resolution commends Kosovo but also urges it to form CSM

NEWS 31.01.2023 13:44
Frederick FLORIN / AFP

The European Parliament published a draft report on Kosovo welcoming Kosovo’s application for European Union (EU) membership, the agreement on granting visa liberalization to its citizens and urging the EU member states that have not yet recognized Kosovo as a sovereign state to do so.

The report stresses the importance of the Belgrade-Pristina negotiations for Serbia’s and Kosovo’s further European integration and calls on both sides to engage in the dialogue in good faith and in the spirit of compromise to achieve a comprehensive, legally binding agreement on the normalization of relations, based on mutual recognition, in accordance with international law.

It calls for the full implementation of all the relevant agreements, including the establishment of the Community of Serb-Majority Municipalities.

The report, signed by Rapporteur Viola von Cramon MEP, commends Kosovo’s alignment with the EU’s foreign and security policy, in particular its strong condemnation of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and its implementation of the EU’s restrictive measures against Russia and Belarus.

It also reiterates its support for Kosovo’s application for membership of the Council of Europe and the country’s plan to join the NATO Partnership for Peace program.

The draft report on Kosovo will first be presented to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, when a two-week deadline for possible amendments starts to run. Following an agreement on the text of the amendments within the caucuses, the draft report will again be tabled in the Committee and then forwarded, in the form of a resolution, to the European Parliament for a vote.