EU Ambassador says 11 million Euro secured for small Serbian companies

NEWS 08.06.2022 12:16

European Union Ambassador Emanuele Giaufret on Wednesday announced an 11 million Euro donation for small and micro companies in Serbia.

Giaufret told a presentation of a new Ministry of the Economy program that the EU secured 11 million Euro as an investment to buy equipment for small and micro companies because they will be EU companies one day. He said the equipment is crucial to increasing productivity, securing market access and launching a business. The ambassador recalled that the Serbian government secured 16 million Euro, adding that the combined funds will cover some 600 requests to finance equipment purchases.

According to Giaufret, the EU views this program as part of overall support for small and micro companies in Serbia. He recalled that some 200 million Euro were secured for that purpose over the past few years. He said effort is being invested to improve the regulatory framework for businesses and to increase the Serbian economy’s innovative capacities. The EU is not just Serbia’s primary trade partner or greatest source of foreign direct investments it is the future of Serbia, he said.