EU Ambassador to Dacic: Serbia needs to align with EU policies

NEWS 28.04.202217:42

European Union Ambassador Emanuele Giaufret told Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic that Serbia needs to align its policies with the EU.

“In light of the Russian aggression on Ukraine, it’s important for Serbia to continue aligning its policies with the EU, including the common foreign and security policy,” he is quoted as saying in a parliamentary press release.

Giaufret said that the EU is expecting Serbia’s new parliament and government to have a strong mandate to implement the necessary reforms on the road to EU membership, the press release said.

Dacic is quoted as saying that Serbia is prepared to continue fully cooperating with the EU, its institutions and member states as well as on speeding up the negotiation process since EU membership is official Belgrade’s foreign policy priority and strategic commitment.

According to the press release, they stressed the positive achievements of the Serbian parliament such as the implementation of the measures agreed in the European Parliament-mediate inter-party dialogue, the wide participation at the recent elections without a boycott, improved election conditions and reforms of the judiciary and constitution in cooperation with the Venice Commission.