EU donates €2 million to enhance nuclear safety in Serbia

NEWS 21.06.202411:23
Shutterstock/ Kim Kuperkova

The European Union (EU) donated two million euros for the project “Support to the Regulatory Body of Serbia and the Vinca Institute,” aimed at aligning domestic legislation with that of the EU and overhauling facilities for nuclear materials located at the Institute.

Director of the Serbian Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate Sladjan Velinov said the project will ensure greater nuclear safety and security in the country, and stressed that EU has helped Serbia a great deal in improving its radiation and nuclear security and safety.

Deputy head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Plamena Halacheva said the EU is committed to maintaining high environmental standards and that safe management of nuclear materials is therefore crucial to preventing environmental contamination, thereby preserving ecosystems and biodiversity.

She added that the EU applies a comprehensive regulatory framework that is continually improved and emphasized the significant importance of inspection oversight.

This is why the EU encourages all member states and candidate countries to exchange experiences and collaborate in building a safer and more secure environment, emphasized Halacheva.

Through individual projects, the EU seeks to ensure that nuclear energy is used in a safe and secure manner, she concluded.