EU: Serbia violating agreement on path to normalization of relations with Kosovo

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Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP

The Agreement on the path to normalization is valid and fully binding for both Kosovo and Serbia, including Article 4, so Serbia's lobbying against Kosovo is a clear violation of this agreement, European Union (EU) spokesperson Peter Stano said in a written statement.

The statement, forwarded to the media and cited by Radio Free Europe, for the first time explicitly confirms that Serbia is violating the agreement on the path to normalization with Kosovo by actively working toward preventing Kosovo’s membership in international organizations.

In February 2023, Serbia and Kosovo reached an agreement on the path to normalization of relations, and in March that same year an implementation annex to the agreement was agreed in Ohrid, North Macedonia.

Article 4 of the agreement stipulates that Serbia will not object to Kosovo’s membership in any international organization.

Kosovo failed to join the Council of Europe because it did not meet the condition set by its important members – the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities.

Asked whether mutual recognition is the goal of the dialogue on the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo, Stano said that Brussels’ position on this issue has not changed and remains the same, as it has been conveyed many times in the past and as stated in the accession criteria.