Europa Nostra delegation at Decani Monastery in Kosovo

NEWS 06.07.2022 11:19

A delegation of Europa Nostra experts visited the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Decani Monastery and shared a meal with the monks.

“Protection of the shared heritage in Europe is essential for the future of our continent. By visiting different sites of all traditions Europa Nostra will emphasize the need of protection of heritage in Kosovo,” a post on the monastery’s Twitter account said. The post included pictures of the delegation sitting down with the monks.

The monastery post said that the delegation is made up of “distinguished experts who are profoundly committed to the protection and preservation of the cultural heritage in Europe and work on many projects in this field”.

It said that the role of “KFOR in protection of Decani Monastery is of essential importance. Cultural heritage must be preserved as a bridge between communities in Kosovo,” it added.

Earlier, Europa Nostra expressed gratitude to KFOR commander Major General Ferenc Kajari for exchanging views with the delegation on the need to maintain high protection for Decani Monastery, an endangered World Heritage Site which the organization included on its 2021 list of 7 most endangered sites.

The Decani Monastery has been in the focus of public attention for months over plans to build a road which the monks say would jeopardize the monastery and its property.