European Movement calls on new Government to reaffirm Serbia’s EU orientation

NEWS 30.04.202414:43
Maxim Studio/Shutterstock

The European Movement in Serbia called Tuesday on the future Serbian Government to unequivocally reaffirm, “in words and in deeds,” that Serbia's main foreign policy goal is accession to the European Union (EU).

In a statement released after Prime Minister designate Milos Vucevic proposed the composition of the new Government, the Movement expressed concern over announcements by some government representatives regarding a possible radical shift in the country’s foreign policy, such as turning towards the BRICS organization.

“That organization cannot be a rational alternative to the EU accession process. Even less acceptable are the proposals to strengthen close ties with the authoritarian regime in Russia,” said the European Movement in Serbia.

It assessed that it is in Serbia’s vital interest, and in the interest of Serbian society, to join the EU, as it is an alliance of states with which Serbia shares fundamental values and the broadest and deepest economic ties.

“Serbia is a European country, and all the issues and challenges placed before it and its society imply European solutions within our natural political and economic environment. Accession to the EU is the best way to address the complex problems that Serbia will face in the coming years and decades,” the statement added.

The Movement called on the new Serbian Government to take measures aimed at halting the years-long negative processes in the country, such as the erosion of democratic values, the strengthening of authoritarianism, disrespect for the constitution and laws, deepening of social disparities, and legal inequality among citizens.