Expert: About 55,000 citizens joined fifth ‘Serbia against violence’ protest

NEWS 04.06.202315:43 0 komentara
REUTERS/Marko Djurica

Journalist Aleksandar Gubas, who has been assessing the number of participants at various gatherings for more than three decades, estimates in a statement for N1 that about 55,000 citizens were present at the fifth "Serbia against violence" protest on Saturday, June 3.

According to his estimate, about 45,000 people participated in the protest walk alone.


„Out of the seven largest gatherings after 1990, four took place in the last 15 days. The fifth protest against violence is the second largest gathering after the Fifth of October, and the first is the protest that was held with the same goal on May 19, which was attended by about 60,000 citizens,“ Gubas said.

The fifth „Serbia against violence“ protest was held on Saturday.