Farmer protests in two areas of Serbia


Farmers in two parts of Serbia staged protests on Tuesday, blocking roads with their tractors to express dissatisfaction with the Agriculture Ministry.

Tractors were driven through the town of Raca in the Sumadija area of central Serbia and in the Vojvodina town of Srbobran in the north.

The farmers came to Raca from several neighboring municipalities and parked their tractors on one of the main crossroads in the town.

They said that they are dissatisfied with the prices of fertilizer and diesel fuel as well as the state subsidies which they said are too low. The protest in Raca lasted two hours without incident and with a small police presence. The Sumadija farmers said their protest would be more radical over the weekend.

The Vojvodina farmers drove their tractors through the streets of Srbobran, blocking central roads for about half an hour.

Farmers’ organizations from the northern Serbia Banat area and western Serbia sent their demands to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic earlier. Those demands include recoking duties on Euro diesel for farmers, subsidies of 200 Euro per hectare of farm land, the payment of all remaining subsidies along with regulations for imports of meat and powered milk.