Farmers drive tractors in protest through north Serbia


Farmers from Serbia's northern town of Zrenjanin in Vojvodina's province organised a protest drive on tractors on Thursday after Serbia's Government and President Aleksandar Vucic ignored their requests for an increase in subsidies and abolishment of excise taxes on fuel.

An N1 reporter said there were some 50 tractors in the protest.

The farmers sent their requests to the Government and Vucic on February 14.

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Farmers demand the abolition of excise duties on euro diesel for registered farms, 200 euros per hectare subsidies, regular and fast payment of all outstanding subsidies, and payment of all future dues within 60 days.

They also demand regulation of the import of frozen meat from abroad and regulation of the uncontrolled import of powdered milk.

Besides Zrenjanin, farmers’ protests are due in several other cities across Serbia on Thursday.

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