Farmers to ride tractors to Presidency seat in Belgrade in protest next week

Source: N1

The Association of Farmers of Banat president in Serbia’s northern Vojvodina province, Dragan Kleut, told N1 on Tuesday that due to unfulfilled demands, farmers would organise a protest ride from several places to the Presidency building in Belgrade on March 29.

Kleut said that it had been ten days since they sent a letter to President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic. They repeated the earlier requests and added the condition to lift the ban on exports of wheat, corn, flour and other agricultural products.

He says no one has responded to their request for a meeting to date.

Because of that and the failure to fulfil earlier demands the Government did not meet, the farmers decided to radicalise the protest.

A few months ago, they demanded that subsidies per hectare be increased from 4,000 dinars to 200 euros, that excise duty on euro diesel are abolished, stricter control of frozen meat, live cattle and powdered milk imports imposed.

Besides, farmers now demand the unlimited refuelling of canisters and an urgent lifting of the ban on exporting agricultural products.


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