Farming expert says food prices will be high

NEWS 06.09.2021 22:20
Source: N1

The editor of a farmers’ magazine told N1 on Monday that food prices will be high for some time in the future.

“A period is coming in which food will be expensive,” Agrobiznis magazine editor in chief Goran Djakovic said.

He warned that the minimum wage would not cover the cost of the average consumer basket which means that consumers will not be able to pay high prices for meat, adding that purchase prices should be amended to give farmers a bigger share of the profits because they take all the risk. He said that retailers earn the most at present.
Djakovic said that this year’s drought means lower crop yields but that the wheat crop is good which, according to him, is important because wheat is a major export commodity.

According to him, Serbia does not have too much meat for export and added that imports have also dropped. “Unless we invest in production we will have a situation when quality meat is exported while we eat low quality imported meat,” he said.
“The state has to support farmers and they have to unite and follow the market not just demand oney when prices drop or when they have to enter a new market. “