Father of young man who was attacked in Kosovo asks Serbia to provide lawyer

NEWS 04.02.2023 14:26
mladić izboden na kosovu

Ivica Djuzic, the father of a young man who was attacked by two Albanians and stabbed with a knife in the village of Mogila near Vitina, in Kosovo, said that the police detained three attackers but that he unofficially learned that one of them was released. He asked the state of Serbia to provide him a lawyer so that he could seek justice before court. In the meantime, Serbian Government's Office for Kosovo said that they would provide a lawyer for the attacked man, Boban Djuzic.

The father said that he refused to give a statement to the police about the attack on his son, stressing that he did not believe them and added that he was worried the attackers would be acquitted.

“I intend to push the whole case to the end, which is why I need the help of our state. I have five children, I live on welfare and I don’t have a lawyer, that’s why I am only asking our state to provide me a lawyer,” Djuzic told Serbian state broadcaster RTS.

Young man stabbed with knife in Kosovo

According to him, a 46-year-old Albanian held his son while one of the two minors attacked him with a knife.

Djuzic stressed that there was no conflict between him and the family of the Albanians who stabbed his son, and that he even knows the father of one of the attackers.

Boban Djuzic told RTS that three Albanians attacked him from behind, out of the blue, and stabbed him with a knife while he was walking his dog.

„I know the attackers, they are from my village – one is 12, the other 17 and the third 46,“ he said.


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