Fiat unionist: They offered us jobs in factories in Kragujevac and Velika Plana

NEWS 26.06.202216:38 0 komentara

The representative of the Fiat workers' union, Djordje Milojevic, said Sunday that at the meeting with the President of Serbia, they agreed on the work in other factories, ie in Zastava's factory for combat vehicles in Kragujevac, as well as in the factory in Velika Plana. As he explained, these are state-owned companies, where one hundred workers would be employed in Kragujevac, and 150 in Velika Plana.

„We agreed on the amount of severance pay of €790 and €500 for the workers of Zastava. Our colleagues are satisfied, on Monday there were other details about severance pay. We have an agreement to work in other factories, we were offered to work in Kragujevac and Velika Plana, we will see some more factories. We have controversies about some more categories, we will resolve them on Monday and we will reach an agreement. „Colleagues are satisfied, they agree with everything,“ said Milojevic.

According to him, offers for work in state factories „are not bad.“

„There will be statements on Tuesday and Wednesday, by Friday I think everything will be resolved. Colleagues are satisfied and then we can talk publicly, we wanted to see their reaction. We have an agreement with the President so we are not interested in Stelantis, we are no longer their workers,“ concluded Milojevic.