FinMin says interest record high in Serbian bonds

NEWS 20.01.2023 11:34
Source: N1

Finance Minister Sinisa Mali told the state TV (RTS) on Friday that interest in investing in Serbian bonds has never been higher.

Serbia has achieved a huge success on the international capital market with never-higher interest in investments in its bonds (1.75 billion Dollars) which is an indicator of economic results and trust in our plans, the minister said. “The share of the public debt in the GDP will be at 50.2 percent at the end of January,” Mali said. According to the finance minister, the bonds were issued in Dollars because the market is more active with that currency than with Euro which minimizes the risks.

He said the money will be invested in infrastructure, not spending. “We are raising salaries and pensions from real sources and are absolutely solvent. We have the money to repay our debts and that means security for the citizens,” he said.
The Finance Ministry Public Debt Department said that bonds were issued early this year to cover property restitution payments among other things.