Fmr Srebrenica mayor: Dual citizenship law being abused for election purposes

NEWS 14.02.2022 22:44
Source: N1

Dozens of citizens were spotted at the veterinary clinic in Srebrenica on Saturday where they were reportedly applying for Serbian citizenship ahead of the election in the neighbouring country and, according to the former mayor of the eastern town, this is the result of a joint effort between authorities in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity and Serbia to preserve their power.

“That’s not something unknown here. You know that in every election cycle, we have an influx of organized professional voters who come from Serbia under these facilitated procedures and receive confirmations within one day so they can vote,” Camil Durakovic said, arguing the dual citizenship rules are being abused.

He argued that what happened on Saturday is probably returning the favour to the neighbouring country because Serbia’s ruling regime has supported the BiH Presidency member and leader of the rulings party in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity for years.

“Unfortunately the laws of BiH (Citizenship Law and Election Law) allow this. These are the omissions and of course, someone skillfully uses this systematically,” he said.

The situation is the result of a joint effort between the administrative centre in the RS, Banja Luka, and Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, he said.

“We have seen similar things in Serbia, that is, there has been talk in the public of people getting citizenship under the accelerated procedure, and that is essentially a problem. However, we have learned about such phenomena here and we really can’t do anything against it,” Durakovic added.


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