Opposition: Telekom&Telenor violate Serbia people’s rights; Dismiss Telekom CEO


The opposition Free Serbia Movement warned private Telenor and state-owned Telekom companies that they endangered people's Constitutional and legal rights by the illegal agreement.

The Movement referred to the two companies’ agreement, which aimed at destroying the third market participant SBB and its N1 and Nova S TV channels.

„Our guaranteed right to information is above your illegal right to financial greed which you plan to satisfy at the expense of all people in Serbia,“ the Movement’s statement said.

It calls on all citizens, associations, and political parties to all kinds of protest to defend their right to accurate, unbiased, and timely information guaranteed by the Law on Public Information and Media and the UN Universal Declaration and European Convention on human rights.

Earlier on Thursday, the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), requested the ouster of Telekom CEO Vladimir Lucic and the company’s Supervisory Board, because of their plan to destroy the third company, SBB, and make Serbia’s media look like those in North Korea.

„It is inadmissible and unheard of in the European practice that one state-owned company – lends its resources to a foreign private company to destroy another foreign private company – SBB,“ SSP said in a statement.

„Only a monstrous brain can come up with the idea to destroy one big foreign company to destroy two free media – N1 and Nova S televisions,“ it added.