French Ambassador: Serbia France’s important partner

NEWS 12.04.202421:45
Marina Pupavac/N1

Serbia is an important partner for France, which carries weight, it is therefore important for the two countries to strengthen Europe’s independence together and to nurture their friendship, not only in the context of the past but also looking to the future, said French Ambassador to Serbia Pierre Cochard.

He told the Serbian state TV (RTS) that his country’s message to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is that Serbia is France’s important partner that stands out precisely because of their history and friendship.

“This friendship obliges us to ensure that the dialogue between our two countries is honest, to listen to each other, and through that, to respect each other,” said Cochard.

Regarding the draft resolution on genocide in Srebrenica, Cochard said that France understands how sensitive this issue is in the region.

“That resolution is not aimed against any country or people, but is a reminder of the painful events from 30 years ago. Its goal is not to point fingers at anyone but to remind us that we want to avoid war and violence in the region,” stressed Cochard.

He added that the presidents of Serbia and France have decided to work together on this issue and to continue cooperating so as to ensure that dialogue prevails in the region so that the Western Balkans countries can peacefully continue their integration toward Europe.

Regarding French President Emmanuel Macron’s attitude toward Serbia, Cochard said that the French president holds a high opinion of the partnership with Serbia.

“At this moment of truth for Europe, which is facing a major crisis due to Russia’s aggression, it is extremely important for Serbia and France to be together, to defend their independence as they did in the past,” said the French Ambassador.