FT: Vucic preparing „green light“ for Rio Tinta mine in Jadar

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Rio Tinto

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is preparing to give the "green light" to Rio Tinto, which plans to open Europe's largest lithium mine in Serbia, the Financial Times (FT) magazine reported. Pročitaj više

Vucic told the Financial Times that it seems that the „new guarantees“ of Rio Tinto and the European Union are ready to respond to Serbia’s concerns that the necessary environmental standards will be met at the Jadar site, Reuters reported.

The agency said the company did not immediately respond to a comment request.

„If we deliver everything, (the mine) could be opened in 2028,“ Vucic told the FT, adding that the mine is projected to produce 58,000 tons of lithium per year, which would be „enough for 17 percent of the production of electric vehicles in Europe – approximately 1.1 million cars,“ Reuters reported.

In 2022, Serbia stopped the Jadar project worth 2.4 billion dollars after massive environmental protests.

If completed, the project could provide 90 percent of Europe’s current lithium needs and help make Rio Tinto the leading lithium producer, Reuters points out.

The Kreni-Promeni movement has collected 30,000 signatures for a people’s initiative demanding that parliament pass a law to stop lithium exploration in the country. The signatures were submitted to the National Assembly, but the Assembly never discussed it.

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